Traditional Invites

A collection of Traditional Wedding Invitations made by Invitekaro

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Lagan Patrika

Digital Invitation with Hindu Traditional Manuhar Patrika. This Shaadi Invitation video Starts with “Shree Ganeshya Namah”

Royal peacock theme

This Digital invitation video is Professionally designed and carefully curated while showcasing the Royal Indian wedding decor.

Traditional Wedding E-card

Wedding E-card Pastel color theme video is a traditional and classy invite. It has Pastel themes for every slide with rotating Mandalas 

Animated Mandala theme

Start with Om Ganeshya Namah . In the full e invite mandalas are beautifully animated with sparkling effect.

Punjabi  Traditional invite

This digital invitation is made for Punjabi traditional weddings. It has floral texture background with a rotating mandala of the couple’s initials inside

 Royal Shades

This Royal color theme video is a traditional and classy Wedding E-card invite. his video has beautiful color combination with Lotus flower and dream catcher

traditional announcement

Professionally designed and  curated while showcasing  traditional Indian wedding decor. At first temple is animated seeking the blessings of Lord Ganesha

ear piercing ceremony


Digital Invite for ear piercing ceremony is ceremonial invitation, which is traditionally sent to invitees with the highlight of south Indian themed yellow ora.

loveable floral pink

The misty Marriage card online tint of pink flowers reveal this amazing digital invitation video. It starts with image of ganesha with sparkles in background.

Traditional Theme


This eternal bokeh video is a classy Digital Wedding Invitation card. This digital invite starts with Golden theme and Image of Lord Ganesha with their Mantra

Peacock Theme

This digital invitation starts with illuminated Krishna picture followed by marriage function details with peacock color textured background.

Heritage theme

solemn and elegant event with heritage theme. It is full of beauty and elegance, taking you to a magical mystical world with Royal Indian wedding

maroon & Golden Theme

luxurious wedding invitation video. The video is designed with beautiful indian decor , Mandala, Golden tree ,dhol, elephants