And Why You Should

How To Create A Wedding Invitation Video

Wedding invitation videos can be anything from a simple slide show of photos set to music to a fully produced mini-movie. 

What is a Wedding Invitation Video?

Traditional invitation is  paper card with all  the wedding information. Videos Invitations are more interactive.

Wedding Invitation Video vs a Traditional Invitation

The first thing you need to do, is finalise a theme. It can be Traditional. Royal. Modern, Caricature or anything else 

Process of Creating a Wedding Invitation Video

Next, you need to choose if you want to make the invite yourself through an App, or have a professional make it for you.

Invitation App vs Professional Designer

Doing it yourself gives you the opportunity to create an experience the way you like. And the cost would also be lesser.

Wedding Invitation through App

Hiring a professional will be more expensive, but you can be assured of a great invitation experience.

Wedding Invitation through a Professional