Things to know before you submit a copyright takedown request

  1. Copyright exceptions: Fair use, fair dealing, or a similar exception to copyright law could apply to your content. If it does, the takedown request you submit will be invalid.
  2. When you file a copyright infringement claim, you will include the name of the copyright owner.
    Copying music or video violates copyright law and the full name is required in a takedown request.
  3. If you send a takedown request for copyrighted content, the uploader may contact you to resolve the copyright strike.
  4. Your personal information is confidential unless we need to share it in a lawsuit. If your information needs to be shared by Invitekaro, we will first notify you.

Step to submit a copyright takedown request

The quickest and easiest way to submit a copyright takedown request is to fill out this form on our website on your computer. The copyright owner or an agent authorized by the copyright owner should fill out the form.

Takedown Request Status

As we proceed, we shall keep you informed about the steps taken through email.

  1. We shall take about 10 days time to evaluate your request
  2. We shall then provide another 15 days for the other party to respond